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Saudi Embassy attestation in Delhi, Gurugram, Hyderabad, Ahmedabad, Bangalore

Saudi embassy attestation and saudi cultural attestation is compulsory part of visa processing from Saudi Arabia. The royal Embassy of Saudi arabia is located in Vasant vihar New Delhi. When a candidate is planning to go Saudi for work his/her Educational certificates will be attested from Royal Embassy of Saudi arabia New Delhi.Procedure for Saudi embassy attestation for Educational certificates. Degree/diploma must be authenticated first from state HRD/GAD/GRD. It is the ministry of higher education department which authenticates the educational certificates first from its state. After state attestation certificate will be attested from Ministry of External Affairs of India then Saudi cultural Attache and finally from Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia New Delhi. Above is the explanation of the procedure of saudi embassy attestation for educational certificates. Now candidate is planning to call his family to SAudi arab in this situation his/her marriage certificate, Child birth certificate will be process for SAudi embassy attestation then only candidate will allow for visa in saudi to call his family in Saudi.So there are so many conditions for requirment of saudi embassy attestation. In case of commercial shipment all commercial certifcates need to be attested from Royal Embassy of Saudi arab New Delhi. Procedure for commercial documents attestation from saudi embassy. Commercial doccuments should be attested from respective chamber of commerce then ministry of external affiars and finally saudi embassy attestation.

Qatar Embassy attestation

Legalisation of certificates from Qatar embassy or Qatar embassy attestation is required in many conditions like:

  • To get employemnt visa. If a candidate has received an opportunity to work in Qatar. He has to attest his/her certifiactes from Qatar Embassy.
  • For family visa. A candidate needs attestation of cerrificates from qatar embassy when he wants to call his family in Qatar. In family visa candidate need to attest his/her marriage certificate, child birth certificate.
  • When a candidate wants to get higher studies in Qatar. Now He/She has to attest all their educational certificates from qatar embassy.
  • Commercial shipment to qatar. A company need to attest all commercial certificates from qatar embassy etc.
  • Educational certificate are Degree, diploma, mark sheets, provisional certificate and non educational certificate include marriage certificate, birth certificate, experience lettre, medical certificate etc. As per commercial shipments there are so many commercial certificates like commercial invoice, certificate of origin, health certificate, GMP certificate etc.

    Procedure for educational certificates from Qatar Embassy.
    Degree/diploma/mark sheet all these educational certificates must be attested from state HRD/GAD attestation. Then Ministry of External Affairs of India attestation will be done.Finally Qatar embassy attestation will be completed. In case of educational certificates attestation from Qatar Embassy. A candidate need to submit his/her Degree/Diplma, Final year mark sheet and bonafide certificate. A bonafide certificate is letter from college/university which states the details of a candidate. Procedure for non educational certificates from Qatar Embassy.
    Non educational certificates like marriage certificate, birth certificate will be attetsed first from state them MEA and finally from Qatar embassy attestation will be done. Non educational certificates attestation from qatar embassy is requierd in family visa or to call his family in qatar.

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